Stop Surviving & Start Living!

The Society Truth

If you’re a senior college student and I asked you: “What will you do after graduation?” You may find the question strange and answer: “Of course, I’ll work in my current study field”. And you may add “If I found a job”
But If I asked you: “Why are you even joined this specific field?”. Then you may answer:”Because I worked so hard to join this faculty as it’s one of the top faculties in my city”. OR “Because I’ve spent more than 4 years studying that field. After all these years there is no way to think about changing my career“.

All the previous answers called “The Society Truth” which means, this is what you grew up watching people around you working so hard for. This is what people told you it’s the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, all these previous answers also qualifies you to spend a lifetime of exhaust, tire, and frustration. And this is because one simple fact. ALL THIS IS NOT YOU.

All these are things that you were told “The Right Thing” to do. We’ve been raised in a society that always tells you “The Right Thing” to do, and all what’s required from you is to FOLLOW. You’re not allowed to choose and if you chose, you are wrong.

“So, why do you want to join engineering school? Because I know someone who is an engineer and now he has a wonderful villa and the luxurious car I’ve always dreamed of.”
OK, he got what you mentioned from engineering, but you won’t. You know why?!
Because he pursued HIS passion. And you are now pursuing HIS passion as well. Not yours.

Let me ask you a question, did you ever see two famous, rich people having the same success story in their life?.. OF COURSE NOT. 

A more important question, did you ever heard about someone who hated physics -for example- and then he forced himself to learn it and reached a Nobel prize in it? OF COURSE NOT TOO!

So what is the common words between all successful people in the world? What is the common factor?

“I had so much love to basket ball since I was a kid. When I got rejected from the school team, I went to my room and I closed the door and I cried.” – Michael Jordan

” He began to realize that electronics was not the only exciting thing in life. He discovered a love for the great thinkers and writers of the past, including Shakespeare and Plato. His interest in both science and the arts was unusual. Unlike most people in technology, Steve understood those who had no interest at all in electronics. Later, Apple products were the first choice for creative people like designers and musicians.”  – Steve Jobs

So.. It’s PASSION and COMMITMENT. And the second word wont be for real without the first one.

Passion is the only thing that could make you work 18 hours a day without “Boredom”.

And the day you will start searching for your passion, and to find out what really motivates you, is the day that you will stop surviving and start living. 

Because, you don’t have this amazing handwriting skills to do nothing with it. You don’t have this wonderful art talent to work as an analyst. These talents that you have are not in vain.

This doesn’t mean that you need to change your career to follow your passion. Maybe your career IS your passion but you need to activate it. And we will talk more about that in the following articles.

Also, DO NOT expect that life will be a piece of cake once you found your passion. It will be sooo much harder. The only difference is that you will do 120% of your effort per day (With Purpose).

So, How to find your passion, and how to start differentiating yourself from all people that already have the same passion, is what I will cover in the next articles. Stay Tuned. 🙂

P.S: If you have any different opinion, or simple anything to say; Feel free to share it in the comments.

Ahmed Wael


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