4 Major changes in digital industry due to the new Facebook update


By: Ahmed Wael A.Saber

Five month ago, Mark Zuckerberg caused a huge buzz after announcing -while answering a question during his last conference- that Facebook will launch a new update that will allow users to express more feelings than the “Like” button. Many Facebook users thought the update will feature a “Dislike” button, and that created a viral buzz all over social media channels and websites.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it has already launched “Reactions”, a new update which allows users to express the basic six feelings of ” Like – Love – Haha – Yay – Wow – Sad – Angry”.

Well, that’s really great for you as a normal user, but if you’re in the digital industry, you’ve probably figured out that this update is a lot bigger than it seems. That’s because current Facebook algorithms calculate “Likes” as a positive factor of fans’ acceptance, but with this update, there will be six other “Reactions” and some of them will mean that the page’s fan is not satisfied with the content offered.

and this will affect the following factors:

1- Effect on Pages’ Moderation

Big brand names are used to measure fans’ satisfaction via number of likes and interact with them via comments.  Well, usually bad comments are hidden or deleted to maintain a nice image of the brand, but now you may see 20K “Anger” or “Sad” reactions on a post, and brands will not be able to delete it. This will reveal the true nature of the brand and how people feel about it,  but will also open the gate to spammers and brand haters to attack the brand’s name digitally.

2- Effect on Facebook Page Insights

Facebook page insights will have a major change too. As page engagement won’t be “likes, comments and shares” only.  It will be affected by the six additional elements as well, and your role as an admin is to identify how your page is actually doing, and how to develop that for your own favor.

3- Effect on Social media analysis tools

On the other hand, all the social media analysis tools will also have to change their algorithms, as the current ones won’t be accurate enough to measure page performance and ranking. Users will expect other revolutionary solutions to accurately determine page performance.

4- Effect on Ads management and bidding

The biggest impact this update is likely to have will be on ads management, bedding and analysis. Advertisers will need to understand and study the effect of the six different factors on ad performance, and whether they will pay to get more “Anger” and “Sad” expressions or not, and how to optimize their bedding to get the best results. This should be a main concern for agencies that are behind the digital presence of top brands. However, this will  affect the whole digital market.

This may ends up with huge businesses/Brands shuts down it’s Facebook presence due to bad customer service that will push people to react more and more negatively with the brand

The brand will then pay (for the ads) to get more negative comments!!

Update (4 month ago) : Facebook has announced: How will reactions affect the ads?

It said: 

” Facebook is testing Reactions, an extension of the Like button, designed to give people a more nuanced way to share a response to a Facebook post quickly and easily.

Here’s a list of what Reactions will mean for advertisers:

  • Metrics that include Likes in ads reports will also include Reactions. However, these won’t be broken out as individual Reactions.
  • Advertisers who want to see a breakdown of Reactions can do so in their Page insights only.
  • Reactions are treated the same as Likes for ads delivery (ex: Loves carry no extra weight than Likes in the auction).
  • In the same way that you can’t remove a Like, you can’t remove a Reaction.

If you have any other thoughts*, you’re more than welcome to leave me a comment here.
Ahmed Wael A.Saber Social – Media Account Manger @ ‪Sarmady
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