Do you think Facebook page like ads are valuable?


let’s face the truth, Facebook is not about free advertising anymore. after the latest updates, Facebook simply said that out loud. But of course after the perfect cover: “increasing the percentage of friends posts on everybody’s timeline to be more social”!! and don’t try to be so smart and make a personal profile for your business because we we will find it and we will shut it down. It’s our game .. our rules.

Two years ago, you may spend a fortune trying to make your business pages bigger and with more fans. Unfortunately now If you tried to do the same thing and you focused on making your page reaches one or two million, you’re literally losing your money as Facebook will continue hiding your posts from your fans to give them more “Social” experience.

That’s why it became obvious now, If you want more Fans, Leads or Clients, You have to pay (Continuously) for them as long as you will make money from them (Continuously).

So entering the game with the new rules requires new techniques and new ways of thinking. That’s where “promoting your special posts” comes in handy. because when you make a content and you’re 80% sure that your customers will like it, you may now go and promote it with a small budget until you get really good interactions. that’s how you play the new game. In addition, you will have your required “page likes” as a secondary result.

but this is not only about paid ads, as you always have Facebook’s secret weapon which is “Engagement”. as long as you understand your fans needs, you will make them engage more and by sequence you’ll get more organic likes… so case closed until further notices.

last thing, I know some may have a different points of view regarding certain businesses on Facebook, I’ll be happy to discuss anything written here either on my Twitter account @AhmedWaelSaber or on my LinkedIn profile: AhmedWaelSaber .. or just leave me a comment here.


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