What is happening with Inbound Marketing?!!


 What is happening with Inbound Marketing today !! 

After the famous speech of Seth Goden about his new Book: The Purple Cow, Describing the nature of remarkable ideas that spreads and importance of Inbound Marketing. Every organization on the planet starts to create unique content, adding it’s own value, publish free knowledge to customers or even tring to build their own communities SECRETLY in order to start selling after a while.

These efforts – of course – were beneficial to the whole internet community as they created lots and lots of free information on the web that is not only professional, but well introduced to the viewer as well.

But the fact is, we – as marketers – noticed a great change in customers behavior especially in the last times. That change obviously shows that customers really enjoys your free stuff, eats your free samples or even appreciate your free knowledge in your awesome community that you have, But when it comes to money, they have different opinion. as some other important factors shows up.

It comes out now that not only customers intend to see you as the professional who knows more, But they also need to make sure that you are Unique and Valuable to them.

In other way, Being a source of information is not enough for me -as a customer- to buy from you. I will gladly take your free information about marketing for example, and I will then go to the BIG, Modern and sophisticated company which have high cost of it’s certificates to take mine. so you have to think about your pre-created content wisely and to make sure whether this content is going to achieve it’s targets or not. then enjoy the amazing experience of helping people. it would be much richer this time.

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