Do you think Facebook page like ads are valuable?

let's face the truth, Facebook is not about free advertising anymore. after the latest updates, Facebook simply said that out loud. But of course after the perfect cover: "increasing the percentage of friends posts on everybody's timeline to be more social"!! and don't try to be so smart and make a personal profile for your... Continue Reading →


إزاى تشتغل فى وسط الظروف الحالية؟

!!! أخرج بره الخلاط الخلاط ... المصطلح ده معبر جداً عن اللى بنعيشه دلوقتى، كل حاجة داخلة فى أى حاجة، التعليم فى السياسة فى الإقتصاد فى الجيش فى الشرطة، ونتيجة للجو ده بتلاقى نفسك مش عارف تعمل أي حاجة، نفسك تذاكر بس دماغك مشغولة بحبة سياسة على حبة أحوال البلد على حبة مفيش فايدة، وواحدة... Continue Reading →

What is happening with Inbound Marketing?!!

 What is happening with Inbound Marketing today !!  After the famous speech of Seth Goden about his new Book: The Purple Cow, Describing the nature of remarkable ideas that spreads and importance of Inbound Marketing. Every organization on the planet starts to create unique content, adding it's own value, publish free knowledge to customers or even tring... Continue Reading →

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