Stop Surviving & Start Living!

The Society Truth If you're a senior college student and I asked you: "What will you do after graduation?" You may find the question strange and answer: "Of course, I'll work in my current study field". And you may add "If I found a job" But If I asked you: "Why are you even joined... Continue Reading →


Crisis Management In a Digital World – Part One

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently." – Warren Buffett Why is having Crisis Management plan so important? In our modern world, it's no secret that social media have transformed the way organizations interact with their customers. Everyone is... Continue Reading →

Social Media Influencers’ Dilemma

By: Ahmed Wael A.Saber Things really don't look like the same on social media as in the real world. You don’t walk down the street showing people your personal photos, you don’t tell everybody around you that you feel relaxed or that you had a beautiful meal today, and certainly you don’t ask people to... Continue Reading →

إزاى تشتغل فى وسط الظروف الحالية؟

!!! أخرج بره الخلاط الخلاط ... المصطلح ده معبر جداً عن اللى بنعيشه دلوقتى، كل حاجة داخلة فى أى حاجة، التعليم فى السياسة فى الإقتصاد فى الجيش فى الشرطة، ونتيجة للجو ده بتلاقى نفسك مش عارف تعمل أي حاجة، نفسك تذاكر بس دماغك مشغولة بحبة سياسة على حبة أحوال البلد على حبة مفيش فايدة، وواحدة... Continue Reading →

What is happening with Inbound Marketing?!!

 What is happening with Inbound Marketing today !!  After the famous speech of Seth Goden about his new Book: The Purple Cow, Describing the nature of remarkable ideas that spreads and importance of Inbound Marketing. Every organization on the planet starts to create unique content, adding it's own value, publish free knowledge to customers or even tring... Continue Reading →

How not to work for any international company? إزاى متشتغلش فى أى شركة كبيرة؟

ازاى متشتغلش فى أى شركة كبيرة ولا يجيلك اى منحة -1- طبعا كلنا عارفين ان الشغل سهل جدا .. وممكن بسهولة تشتغل فى الشركة اللى نفسك فيها وتاخد المرتب اللى يعجبك عشان كدة التوبيك دة ملهوش اى لازمة، بس ادينا بنتكلم 🙂 فى البداية كدة لازم نتفق على حبة مبادئ : 1- لو انت كويس... Continue Reading →

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